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On January 1, 2011, Rogers Sugar Income Fund converted into a conventional corporation under the name of Rogers Sugar Inc.  This conversion has no impact on the operations of Lantic Inc.

Lantic Sugar Limited and Rogers Sugar Ltd. merged into a new operating entity now known as Lantic Inc., on June 30, 2008. The two companies had worked together as one for a number of years before the amalgamation.  The finest traditions of both companies form the foundation of a culture that is national in character and diverse in ambition. We have entered a new and dynamic era in the life of our company, which began nearly a century ago.

The established trademarks of both Lantic and Rogers are being used by Lantic Inc. as we leverage the historic brand awareness we enjoy in Eastern Canada with the Lantic name, and Western Canada with the Rogers name.

Lantic Inc. is one of two refiners in eastern Canada and operates a cane sugar refinery in Montreal, Quebec. In Eastern Canada, sugar products are marketed primarily under the “Lantic” trade name and include granulated, icing, cube, liquid, yellow and brown sugars.

In Western Canada, Lantic Inc. is the leading refiner, processor, distributor and marketer of sugar products. The Company has two sugar processing facilities, a cane sugar refinery in Vancouver, British Columbia and a sugar beet processing facility in Taber, Alberta. The Company's sugar products are marketed primarily under the "Rogers" trade name, and include granulated, icing, cube, yellow and brown sugars, liquid sugars and specialty sugars and syrups.